The Japanese Bigfoot...Not so Much

The Hibagon, often referred to as the Japanese Bigfoot, is described as a reddish brown to black, bipedal, ape-like creature said to reside on Mount Hiba in the Hiroshima Prefecture.

More Ape than Man

Most eyewitness reports describe the Hibagon as standing about 5 feet tall and weighing in at approximately 180 pounds – far less fantastical than the North American Sasquatch or Himalayan Yeti. Equally less impressive are the size of the tracks that have been attributed to this creature, varying in length from 8 to 10 inches.  Like Bigfoot and similar hominids, the creature is said to emit a foul odor, reminiscent of rancid meat. Aside from this similarity, the Hibagon is described as more ape-like, with a protruding face, snub nose and intelligent eyes. Eye witness accounts have also described the creature as being territorial, charging and beating his chest like a gorilla. Other witnesses have described the Hibagon alternating between walking upright and on all fours. Still others have described the Hibagon as shy, opting to avoid humans whenever possible.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Monkey?

While the rash of Hibagon sightings in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s rocketed this cryptid to fame, the first sightings, lesser publicized, occurred in the mid 1950’s. Occurring on the heels of WWII, this has led some to speculate that the creature could be the result of radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on nearby Hiroshima. Other explanations include an escaped gorilla or a small population of unknown great ape species.

Missing in Action!

After a flurry of sightings in the mid 1970’s, reports of the Hibagon dropped off considerably. In 1982, the creature was again sighted, this time in the town of Mitsugi, close to 20 miles west of Yamano. In this sighting, the Hibagon was described more like the American Sasquatch and reported as carrying a stone tool, calling into question if this was the same creature or, even a credible sighting. After 1982, sightings of the Hibagon dwindled, but the lasting impact of the creature on the culture of the area persists to this day. For more on the Hibagon and how it has affected the community, check out the article below!


The Hibagon