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Featured Cryptids

The Ahool is an avian cryptid believed to reside in the mountainous rain forests of Java, the fourth largest island of Indonesia. Said to stand between 3 and 4 feet tall, the Ahool is reported to have a 12 foot wing span, with leathery wings and sharp claws on each forearm. The creature is described as having course grey fur and resembling a large bat or flying primate. Said to feed on large fish, the Ahool gets its name from the distinctive “ah-hooool” call it is said to make while hunting.


The Albatwitch, central Pennsylvania’s little Bigfoot! Short for “apple-snitch”, this hairy, little hominid is described as “manlike”, between 4 and 5 feet tall, with an insatiable appetite for apples. Rumored to spend most of their days in the trees, the Albatwitch are said to inhabit the wooded banks of the Susquehanna River, with most sightings in the Chickies Rock area.


The Dingonek, also called the ol-umaina, is a large, reptilian, semi-aquatic beast made famous by an alleged 1907 encounter with big game hunter, John Jordan, near Lake Victoria in Kenya.


According to science, African saber-toothed tiger species died out roughly half a million years ago. In the sub-Saharan countries of Chad and the Central African Republic, however, numerous sightings and reports of present day encounters with the Ennedi Tiger might call that theory into question. Most commonly said to roam the Ennedi Plateau and inhabit caves in the eastern mountainous region of Chad, the Ennedi Tiger is reported to be larger than a male lion and have red to reddish brown, short fur with thick, vertical white stripes.


The Hibagon, often referred to as the Japanese Bigfoot, is described as a reddish brown to black, bipedal, ape-like creature said to reside on Mount Hiba in the Hiroshima Prefecture..


Say hello to the Kushtaka, shape-shifting, otter-esque creature from the folklore of the Tlingit people of the Pacific coast of Alaska and Canada. Kushtaka literally translates to “land otter man”, and descriptions, although varied, generally include some degree of otter-ness.


Nahuelito is a serpentine lake monster said to reside in Nahuel Huapi Lake, a 205 square mile lake located in the lake region of northern Patagonia between the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén, Argentina.


Described as looking like a Chinese dragon, the Ninki Nanka is a legendary beast said to prowl the creeks and mangrove swamps along the River Gambia in Western Africa. Rumored to only come out after dark, this reptilian beast is said to devour whatever (or, whomever?) it chooses. At an estimated 30 feet in length, it is easy to see why locals fear the ill-tempered beast, refusing to go into areas where it has recently been reported.


Other Worldly Visitors

Grey aliens, also known as Zeta Reticulans, Grays, or simply Greys, are by far the most commonly reported species involved in UFOlogical cases. Named for the coloration of their skin, these sapient humanoids have gathered fame and attention from researchers thanks to such infamous incidents as the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case in 1961. Their image has found its way into popular imagination and mass media to represent the archetypal, flying saucer-using, memory-erasing alien visitor who abducts subjects to study them.

- Written and Contributed by Zachary Blake. For more information on aliens, cryptids and the paranormal, follow him @mr.cryptozoology on Instagram.


The Nordic aliens, often known as Pleiadians or as "Space Brothers / Sisters", are one of the races most commonly reported by real contactees and UFOlogists. Named for their striking physical similarity to Scandinavian Humans, these spacefaring visitors are almost universally regarded as an advanced, peaceful and benevolent culture.

- Written and Contributed by Zachary Blake. For more information on aliens, cryptids and the paranormal, follow him @mr.cryptozoology on Instagram.

The name, Tall White Aliens, has been attributed to these creatures as they resemble a Grey alien, only much taller than a common Grey alien. The Tall White Aliens possibly used genetic manipulations to arrive at their current appearance.

- Written and Contributed by Zachary Blake. For more information on aliens, cryptids and the paranormal, follow him @mr.cryptozoology on Instagram.

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