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The Nordic aliens, often known as Pleiadians or as "Space Brothers / Sisters", are one of the races most commonly reported by real contactees and UFOlogists. Named for their striking physical similarity to Scandinavian Humans, these spacefaring visitors are almost universally regarded as an advanced, peaceful and benevolent culture.

Nordics are humanoids, physically indistinguishable from Humans. They are usually described as tall, standing over six feet, and seem to have a robust physique. Their skin ranges from fair to tan. Blue eyes and long blond hair are characteristic of them. Like other races, they are often claimed to have telepathic abilities. If cases such as that of contactee Elizabeth Klarer are of any indication, they also seem to be genetically-compatible with Humans.
Nordics are commonly referred to as Pleiadians and believed to have originated in the Pleiades star cluster, although in one of the earliest and most famous cases involving celebrated contactee George Adamski, the Nordic Orthon has identified himself as a Venusian. Adamski has also popularized the term "Space Brothers", which is still used to refer to this race on occasions.

As a culture, the Nordics are generally peaceful and seem to be concerned with the welfare of other races and planets. Contactees often claim that the Nordics are interested in the future of our planet from an ecological and sociological perspective, transmitting messages about environmental sustainability and the prospect of world peace. Members of this species have also been described as paternal, wise, spiritual, and jovial.

Nordics were frequently reported to visit Earth during the 1950s, particularly (but not exclusively) in Europe, before being supplanted by the Greys as the most commonly-encountered race. Nevertheless, there remain numerous reports of Nordics today. Their relationship with the Greys vary as in some cases, they seem to act as leaders to them, whereas other reports seem to suggest that the two might be inimical, as the Nordics will try to warn people about the Greys.

Swiss contactee Billy Meier has claimed to have had hundreds of contacts with a Nordic alien race he refers to as "Plejarens" ever since he was 11 years old, in 1942. According to his experiences, the aliens' home world is indeed located in the Pleiades star cluster and is named Erra, a world smaller than Earth and scarcely populated in comparison, with only half a billion souls. Their average lifespan is 1,000 years, and they are said to be genetically-related to Earthlings, as both races descend from the primordial Lyrans. As in most other cases, Meier's Nordics also behave as spiritual teachers, hoping to guide humanity towards a peaceful path of growth.

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Nordic Aliens