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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

If you find yourself exhausted from the seemingly never-ending pandemic and/or climbing the walls with a severe case of the blues, Cibola is the perfect pick-me-up adventure to provide the badly needed escape you are longing for.

David Wood, the author of several Dane Maddock adventure novels, is a master storyteller, and Cibola is one of his best. As always, the book begins with Dane Maddock and his Native American sidekick, Uriah “Bones” Bonebrake, investigating an archaeological mystery. What sets this book apart from other archaeological thrillers, however, is the humorous, witty dialogue, the inclusion of a biblical enigma, a dangerous, cult-like religious organization, a romantic side story and, if that weren’t enough, a bloodthirsty pack of cave-dwelling cupacabras!

My wife has long accused me of having adult ADHD, and with so many varied interests, she just might be onto something. In Cibola, Wood managed to scratch all my itches while, simultaneously, causing me several hours of lost sleep. It is the ideal escape and provided me a well-deserved adventure from the confines of home!

Happy Reading!

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