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Evil in the Basement

It was a Saturday morning and my mom was driving dad to work. She decided to leave me and my sister at the house with a next door neighbor at our house. After my parents left the next door mother of friends of ours showed up. She was a nice lady so we trusted her and their family. My sister and me started to play on the living room floor while our sitter sat in a chair reading. Growing up in the house we always knew that when lights flickered or knocking started something was about to happen. I noticed the table lamp was flickering and I looked at my sister. She didn't seem to care so I went back to playing. Next thing I knew I saw the ceiling light in the dining room started flickering and swaying back and forth. Not to hard at first but eventually it was even noticeable by the sitter. She got up and placed her hands on it to stop it from swaying. Then she asked me where the extra light bulbs were kept. I showed her in my dad's desk drawer. I asked her why and she told me that it looks like the bulb is ready to burn out in the ceiling light. I started to tell her it's not but who believes a little kid I thought to myself. So I just let her change the bulb. As she stood on the chair I noticed the chair was starting to wobble. So I held the chair and if I hadn't she would have surely been hurt. Because I had the feeling that whatever evil in the house wanted to hurt her. Soon she was done and I went back to playing and she picked up her book beginning to read again. Suddenly again the light started flickering and swaying. All of the sudden we heard a loud thud. We all jumped but we noticed the light quit swaying. I wanted to go down stairs to the basement where my dad put all my Big toy's. But I didn't want to go alone so the sitter told my sister to go with me. Reluctantly she did soon we were in the basement with only the dim light at the bottom of the stairs. I reached to get my toy and suddenly we heard a growl and saw a shimmy man. My sister ran up the stairs and I was soon left behind. But it wasn't long before I found myself running upstairs to and diving for the kitchen floor. The sitter jumped up and shouted what's wrong? We screamed there's something in the basement! Then we heard a loud crash the sitter grabbed us both up and ran out the front door. Only stoping to snatch the phone, thank God it was cordless. Because we didn't have cell phones in those days. Heck the cordless phone just came out earlier that year. The sitter ran down to her house and next thing I knew she came back with a big pistol. A 357 revolver she said that before she was going to go in the basement my sister was to call the cops. No sooner did she get in the front door the police were called. About the longest 10 minutes went by then we heard it. The loud bang of the gun. Suddenly and violently the sitter came bolting out the front door screaming. She was screaming I saw it I shot it I know I shot it but it went right into the wall. I saw the police arrive and she told them what happened. I remember the one police man saying you shot him right Mrs. Powel. The sitter replied I shot it, I don't think it was a man. The cop said it was dark maybe you were confused. I remember the sitter saying to the cop I'm a marine I don't get confused! I shot it. When the other two cops cleared the basement and the entire house. They came back out saying all clear. But damn that is one creepy basement. Within about a half hour after the police left our mother returned home. The sitter explained everything again what happened. My mother took it in stride because she knew it always happened. It's funny the next thing I knew the neighbor’s house was up for sale. Within 3 short months they moved out. I couldn't help but think the sitter must have seen more than what she described.

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